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We are Moray Jazz Club
Have you heard the latest news
We have had to change our venue
As they have closed the Two Red Shoes.
Chairman Allan said to Philip
We will have to shift your "Piannas"
For starting next week
You will be performing in Joanna's.

Colin has been working hard
Jazzing up all the latest disco hits
He really has worked wonders
And put in lots of twiddly bits
Poor Finlay is in the corner
Greeting for his Mum
He has played so fast and furious
He has set fire to his drum.

If you ask our Bill to play a tune
He is always game to try it
He is the only bass player I know
Whose big fiddle is on a diet
Out in front stands Mario
Caressing his saxophone
No, that's not his voluntary you hear
But the ring tone on his 'phone.

Philip is sitting at his piano
Wearing his trilby hat
When he has played his solo
He shouts out loud "How's that"
Sometimes Graeme Nairn
Joins our happy throng
Playing on his guitar or flute
And sometimes sing a song.

If all our musicians were lawyers
They would go very far
For every Thursday night at nine
they are summoned to the bar
I have just realised
Something is amiss
I have forgotten Angela
Perhaps I should blow her a kiss.

She is so pleased to be here
And says it gives her the chance
To show that someone a wee bit over thirty
Can still demonstrate a pole dance.
I hope that you have enjoyed
My attempts at poetic wit
On the other hand perhaps
You think it is a load of Organic Fertiliser.

by Sam Simpson